Black and White

Finally got to watch Nebraska last night and it was great. The acting was incredible and the cinematography was equally inspiring. It must have been fun to find and work those locations. Interesting to learn how Alexander Payne likes to use 'real' people in certain roles, such as the waitress. Here is an interview with the DP Phedon Papamichael. 

Finding Inspiration

It can be tempting to complain about the hyper-connected world we live in, but it is amazing how easy it has become to find inspiring work. I love how it travels through sometimes unexpected channels or with unexpected subjects. The silhouetted sequence in this middle of this video is beautiful and inspiring. I guess BMX will always have a place in my heart. 


Warren Pieces opening party this Friday

The following is an invite from Warren Pieces co-founder Whitney Phillips: 

Come Celebrate the fruition of a dream, Warren Pieces, at the Skinny Pancake on the waterfront in Burlington, Vermont.

After a year of of cutting, glueing, sanding, and finishing. ...... We invite you to come down and see the boards.  Everything we make  will be on the Wall, Crepes on the griddle, Lawson's Finest in the cup, music from Queen City Hot Club and a movie premiere from Karman Line Films.

We will be showing some local segments from The Vermont Longboard Crew  and The Worble that you will not want to miss. Raffling off a piece to raise money for the High Fives Foundation. It all gets started @ 6:00 on Friday the 27th. Don't miss the event but if you do....... you can still see the boards at the Pancake for the next couple weeks.

FB Event Page.

Skinny Pancake event page.

A deep and true thank you from Matt and Myself to everyone who has made this possible. Cheers, to the king of pentacles.

Sincerely, Whitney Phillips

(802) 371-9020